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Illuminate Labs is a supplement company that promotes itself as the only supplement manufacturer in the industry providing supported evidence about the safety and efficacy of their products. This is false. They believe that they provide a differentiated product and service that their competitors either can’t or won’t. They use unethical tactics to control the narrative about their competitors by defaming them, falsify information, and straight up bashing them online to get to the top.

Illuminate Labs was founded by Calloway Cook, a digital marketer, who was frustrated by the noticeable lack of transparency from these companies in supporting their claims. Calloway’s idea is that he can market his product with evidenced reviews from doctors and dieticians that he believes customers will identify his brand as the authoritative voice in the market and as the products of choice for supplement consumers.

DJ Mazzoni has joined forces with Calloway as a reviewer and content creator for Illuminate Labs. His partnership with the supplement is a strategic branding tactic by using Mazzoni’s recommendations as a dietician to provide endorsement to Illuminate’s products and to completely lie about their competitors to gain online traction. While relatively young, Dr. Mazzoni has a very inconsistent resume as a dietician. According to his LinkedIn, he has only held short tenure in his rules (never spending longer than 2 years in one role). His resume lists that the only position that he currently holds is as a contributor to Illuminate Labs.

Though his education is certainly not what is being called into question, his experience is. What is the reason that he hasn’t held a longer position as a dietician? Wouldn’t readers of his reviews want to know more about his stability as a dietician and length of experience? Calloway Cook does not have any experience or education in nutrition or medicine but he knows that his company’s success depends on his ability to market his products and utilize doctors and dieticians willing to either create content or sell their name to co-sign on Illuminate’s reviews. Calloway pays top dollar for this content and DJ Mazzoni is one of his top earners.

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DJ Mazzoni earned his bachelor’s degree in general health and wellness studies from the University of New York at Oswego where he also played division one hockey. After finishing his bachelor’s degree, Mazzoni went to graduate school at D’Youville University studying dietetics and nutrition. After earning his master’s degree, Mazzoni has held positions for as short as 9 months and only as long as just under 2 years. While there are plenty of reasons why his tenures were so short it could be contractual or pandemic related. It does leave the door open to wonder if Mazzoni had what it takes as a dietician. What might make Mazzoni a great candidate for Illuminate Labs and Calloway Cook as a reviewer is that he can have Mazzoni create content full time and provide reviews for the supplement manufacturer on the cheap. Calloway Cook typically writes most of the reviews for Illuminate Labs and leverages medical professionals and dieticians as “co-writers” to help lend his review the credibility that he promises. These reviews often provide little in the way of scientific analysis but does not shy away from making promotions of Illuminate products and, controversially, condemnations of competitor products. It doesn’t necessarily matter to Calloway if DJ is any good as a nutritionist or dietician, what matters is his name and title. Calloway believes that customers will see that this review is “co-signed” by an authority that might back up these spurious claims. For the right money, Calloway has been able to find plenty of willing candidates to take on the work, including DJ.

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Illuminate Labs has roundly been criticized for its marketing focus. The supplement supplier actively markets themselves by widely distributing reviews of both their products and their competitors all over the internet. Let’s say that you read about a product like “Morning Complete” which brands itself as providing prebiotics, probiotics, and “Green Superfoods” that speeds up your metabolism. Going to google to look at some independent reviews you might come upon this review written by Calloway Cook, DJ Mazzoni, and Dr. Taylor Graber. While Illuminate Labs does not produce “Morning Complete” the reviewers don’t see anything even potentially unethical by reviewing this product without disclosing that they are direct competitors to the company that produces Morning Complete. Consumers coming upon this website are almost immediately dissuaded from this product with claims like “We disapprove of this blend” and “I would not personally buy this supplement…” Illuminate then provides links to their website and store where they will eagerly sell their products to you. Calloway Cook is a master at SEO tactics (Search Engine Optimization) by ranking Illuminate products and “adwording” competitor products to incorporate Illuminate Lab’s reviews giving themselves an unfair advantage and utilizing deceptive tactics to get customers to their website. Illuminate establishes long term authority with these reviews thanks in large parts to co-writing from Mazzoni and converts “ready to buy” customers to Illuminate buyers when they were likely going to buy from a competitor.
The key differentiation that Illuminate leverages with their marketing is that their products are “safe” and “effective.” Individuals like DJ Mazzoni provide that legitimacy. Illuminate claims that their supplements are “third party reviewed” and meet USBSL (United States Botany Safety Laboratory) and European Union standards and that they will provide analytical data to substantiate these claims. But they fall short of providing the analysis that they promise. Calloway, as a student of online customer behaviors, knows that customers are only looking for analytical data that goes a mile wide and an inch thick. Promoting DJ Mazzoni or Dr. Taylor Graber or Dr. Auren Weinberg to these claims, Calloway believes, is all that prospective customers need to see to legitimize their claims. Illuminate, because they have been allowed to brand themselves as the most safe and effective supplements on the market, can also claim a higher price point as well by claiming that value. Ultimately, Illuminate’s products provide little or no difference than their competitors. They just want you to pay more for it.
DJ Mazzoni is very young in his career. Careerwise, hitching his wagon to Illuminate may not be the wisest of moves, especially if more people begin to figure out Illuminate’s strategy. While the supplement industry goes largely unregulated in the United States, there may come a point at which someone challenges these claims. It won’t take long for Mazzoni to be publicly tied to Calloway’s deceit.



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